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It's easy to fall into cliches when discussing the links  Madden 23 coins between the two head coaches of the Super Bowl, Sean McVay and Zac Taylor. There's a certain element to "student or master" to this, but it's kind of a lazy way of thinking that ignores the twists and turns of the road. It's more of a war of twoyoung and dynamic peers who represent not only eerily similar pathways to this point but also the direction for the modern Madden NFL 23.

It is believed that the story behind these two coach begins in the year 2007. Taylor is a rookie quarterback from Nebraska was determined to keep his playing dream alive. After being let go by the Buccaneers he went to Canada after which he signed up with and joining the Winnipeg Blue Bombers of the CFL. After a short time, he put down his cleats and became an defensive assistant for Texas A&M under his father-in-law, Mike Sherman.

When Taylor was struggling to get back in time for Madden NFL 23. McVay was able to see the writing on wall. As a receiver in Miami in Ohio when he was there, there was no way he was going to make it to the Madden NFL 23 -- even if he was invited to camp. A long-standing football tradition in his family, McVay hoped to follow in his great-grandfather John's footsteps. John was a legendary coach for the New York Giants, and later executive of the 49ers in their glory years. Sean graduated straight from college into Madden NFL 23 in the role of an offensive assistant to the Buccaneers.

The two coaches went on different paths, but they were mirrored by the other. Taylor utilized his skills as a passer to become QB head coach in Miami, McVay doing the similar thing with wide receivers in Washington. Both of them are proving to be incredibly promising at the age of young offensive geniuses as well as being promoted to the role offensive coordinator at extremely young ages. Taylor became the offensive director for the Dolphins at 30. with McVay being the Washington's offensive head at the age of 28.

Both were stuck in tough circumstances, but both still shone. Taylor was recognized for his work in creating Ryan Tannehill as a passer and lifting the Dolphins, while McVay tried his best could with an offensive lineup that was not great under Jay Gruden.

The biggest shock came in the year the year of 2017 when McVay was appointed head coach to  buy madden nfl 23 coins the Rams. As the youngest coach of Madden NFL 23 time, the hiring was a major leap of faith. While he'd done great things with players like Kirk Cousins, Pierre Garcon and DeSean Michael, it was a remarkably bold move.

It wasn't as good of luck for Taylor who went down with the Dolphins' sinking ship, and then went back to college football to build his resume Cincinnati. Cincinnati Bearcats. In the midst of a few months into his job, Cincinnati head coach Tommy Tuberville dropped the team and then resigned, leaving Taylor in the dust. It was now clear that Taylor's bright offensive mind would be shut out, swallowed by the new administration and left to dry.

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